Tax and Customs Law

Qualified advice to business owners, private and professional investors, as well as top managers of companies in the field of tax and customs law from Speaker, is due to the fact that lawyers have special knowledge and experience.

Client support is available in all key jurisdictions and is based on the principle of compliance with the quality standards in support of projects on tax planning/structuring and cross-border deals.

Speaker is a reliable partner. Our lawyers assist clients with tax registration in foreign jurisdictions and implement tax-related current customs procedures, taking into account all possible tax privileges and preferences. The develop optimal schemes of taxation, parallel to evaluating the risks and applying proven methods of their optimization.

Also, experts help interpret clearly foreign and domestic legislative language, as their incorrect application results in various financial sanctions, properly understand the official explanations of fiscal/customs authorities and/or receive protective documents as safety measures for cases of fines for violation of tax or customs legislation. Speaker provides creation and approval of business structures that are transparent, easy to manage and profitable, from the point of view of the business content, level of the tax burden, protection of the interests of beneficiaries and their assets.

Clients of our company always correctly position themselves and their business in relationships with the regulatory and law-enforcement government agencies, in negotiations on the pre-trial settlement of issues or in litigation.

Experienced lawyers of our company will conduct the audit, will assess the condition of internal reports, will analyze all the financial flows, will explain the nuances of taxation of profits, income of private persons or issues of labor, real estate, VAT, as well as aspects of formation and use of tax credits, and will develop a suitable mechanism of optimization if necessary.

Practical experience of our lawyers in the field of tax and customs law means protection from financial losses, penalties, and other negative consequences resulting from ignorance of the peculiarities of domestic or foreign legislation!