Restructuring & Mediation

The ability to flexibly apply alternative techniques of dispute resolution combined with years of experience managing various conflict situations makes the basis of professionalism of the lawyers in Speaker.

Multi-jurisdictional disputes or disagreements of national format always end with making mutually beneficial agreements under conditions of confidentiality, if they are handled by the mediators from Speaker.

Negotiations, conciliation, mediation and restructuring of obligations are ways, in which the company’s customers reach a favorable resolution of commercial disputes in the sphere of economic, financial and credit legal relationship before they become subjects to proceedings in the courts. In addition, the lawyers establish constructive opportunities to continue the dialogue with contractors in a peaceful way, while preserving the partnership and business balance.

The “post-contractual” pre-trial legal services are also important. The essence of this is that the mediators control the implementation of the agreements because quite often the reluctance of debtors to fulfill them is due to the difficult financial situation. We offer our clients a solution ― alternative settlement of incidents through the application of debt restructuring or transformation of agreements in the format hat is “profitable for the creditor and acceptable to the debtor”.

Speaker also provides: selection of optimal schemes and methods to implement restructuring, taking into account all the nuances of legislation and relevant foreign economic and monetary situation in the financial market, assistance in foreign jurisdictions in all matters of pre-trial settlement related to receivables, corporate and labor rights, intellectual property, anticompetitive actions, etc.

Lawyers-mediators of Speaker have universal industry expertise and broad geographic footprint. They are persistent and competent professionals in resolving the most complex commercial disputes.

For our clients, it is a guarantee that their prospects of effective conflict resolution will be objectively estimated in advance, at the stage of examination of the circumstances of the case, and mediation and/or restructuring will be efficiently implemented!