Judicial practice of the lawyers in Speaker is a guarantee that there will be no negative consequences of litigation, the opportunity not to worry about reducing efficiency or the loss of business, reputation, and assets. Experienced and strong professionals, using innovative methods to protect commercial activities in court, ensure the client safety.

The company’s clients are private individuals, national and international industry groups and corporations, financial institutions. They always get high-quality legal services, including decisions that are business-oriented, economically feasible, structured in accordance with the requirements of the legislation, exclusively aimed at the effective achievement of commercial objectives.

The judicial practice in Speaker is the resolution of disputes in the field of corporate and tax law, intellectual property, insurance, investment, financing, real estate, construction, as well as resolving all issues arising when communicating with public authorities, private individuals, contractors in the medical, agricultural, information and telecommunication fields.

In addition, our lawyers develop preventive measures to protect from the risk of loss of business (assets), from attacks of raiders and unscrupulous competitors, from illegal actions or inaction of representatives of government agencies, from attacks on intellectual property. We always provide judicial protection of interests in national courts or in international jurisdictions, taking into account the extensive law enforcement practice and on the basis of data obtained as a result of comprehensive analysis of all aspects of the situation.

The company’s lawyers are competent professionals who take on complex cases with high “cost” of risks, as continuous development, internal system of control over projects and teamwork guarantee successful resolution of any dispute.

Judicial practice is one of the key activities of our company. Speaker has a strong team of professionals in various fields. Qualified legal advisers, analysts, lawyers, combining their efforts, develop the most effective legal tactics and strategies, due to which the time and cost of the client is optimized and protection of assets is provided!