Speaker provides its clients with a full range of services in international trade: from consultations on making agreements to resolving disputes arising in the course of business activities.

Thus, complex legal services are support of negotiations, preparation of contracts and control over their implementation, conflict resolution in procedures of alternative dispute resolution of incidents, preparation for litigation including documentary, and immediate protection of interests in court proceedings.

Speaker provides support for the representatives of international trading houses, financial institutions, national and international corporations, traders, cargo companies, and other participants of legal relations. They are guaranteed to receive answers to questions related to international trade: registration of claims on quality and contamination, freight contracts, bills of lading, use of international mechanisms of payment, letters of credit, insurance, trade financing, preventing sanctions and other trade barriers.

Many years of practice of our lawyers and deep understanding of the specific character of business are the factors contributing to the development of practical, profitable and commercially correct decisions for all clients without exception.

Our lawyers professionally provide:

  • Advise the well-known international and Ukrainian companies on the prospects for recovery of investments in “troubled” areas.
  • Accompany companies in arbitration proceedings on the abolition of restrictions on export-import operations and protect the interests of traders in various industries in accordance with FOSFA and GAFTA regarding insolvency and execution of contractual terms, jurisdictional objections, the application of the regime of export quotas on goods, etc.
  • Provide reasonable recommendations and assistance regarding the settlement of problems with international payment systems, violations of the treaties governing the supply of goods, and the release of arrested ships.

Speaker has a number of successfully completed cases on the legal protection of interests of large holding companies in courts of the higher instance. Lawyers professionally apply knowledge and experience, supported by practice, norms of domestic legislation and the provisions of international laws and regulations!