International debt collection

International debt collection — is definitely complicated process, and if the parties to any private or business arrangement reside in different States, it is doubly complicated. Lawyers of ILF “Speaker” successfully render service for the settlement of any debt problems of any level of complexity in Ukraine, in the CIS countries – Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and from 2018 on around the world.

Effective practice of the debt collection is implemented by the company’s lawyers thanks to deep knowledge of Ukrainian and international legislation, business culture and mentality peculiarities of different nations. The experts know what to do if the debtor, an individual or a company, does not want to or cannot pay the bills, and the lender is at a disadvantageous territorial position.

International debt collection, as a service of the ILF “Speaker” is a guaranteed restoration of justice for lenders, the debtors of which do not fulfill their financial obligations. Lawyers will understand what is happening: find out what caused the problem – financial insolvency (bankruptcy) of the debtor or his/her/its dishonesty, and talk about how to proceed in circumstances where the counterparties are separated by a large distance.

Foreign companies when cooperating with ILF “Speaker” guaranteedly get honest projections and the highest possible results. The interaction process is always carried out taking into account the differences in the legislations of different countries and the specific circumstances of each multijurisdictional problem.

First, the experts will conduct mediation: the debtor will be offered with options for an amicable pre-trial settlement of the incident, including restructuring. Further, depending on the circumstances, appropriate legal mechanisms for debt collection will be used, i.e. claim procedures, debt enforcement, appeal to various courts and arbitration. In the end, the lawyers will ensure the execution of the court decision, including the decision of the national court in the territory of any foreign state.

Important! Lawyers of ILF “Speaker”, representing the interests of customers, always observe ethical principles, never use illegal methods of work with debtors and control the resolution of the problem till the end, inclusive at the stage of enforcement proceedings.

Lawyers of the company are high-class specialists. They are professionally oriented in the legislation of different countries, they have no language barriers, and they always most effective use all possible legal remedies of the customers for debt collection in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and around the world.