Government Relations

The effectively built and efficiently supported interaction with public authorities is one of the important directions in the realisation of any commercial activity. The company’s team of lawyers – professionals who understand the specifics of communication with the authorities and have practical experience in judicial and extrajudicial settlement of disputes with the state.

Regulation of the economy, national and international commercial projects and almost all other areas of implementation of business activities are carried out by the state. Due to this, any company in the private sector interacts with the state and, consequently, needs qualified support in the implementation of the business activities, protection of interests, and strengthening market position.

This support is provided by the lawyers Speaker always confidentially. They build an effective dialogue with the representatives of government agencies, relying on the legal and regulatory framework, enhance the business reputation of the client, harmonise the format of interaction between the business and the state within the legal framework and taking into account the specific of social, economic, political and other trends.

The company’s clients are always provided with professional assistance in solving complex and simple business problems associated with the formation or development of the company. Most often the representatives of business need our assistance when it is necessary to understand the nuances of compliance with regulatory requirements during the inspections, to protect the interests in court, to minimise non-financial risks or to create an optimal scheme of interaction with government agencies.

Lawyers qualitatively assist clients in the interactions with the state in the area of norm-setting, accompany the operations of business entities, implement investment projects and other business initiatives, and resolve disputes with the representatives of various branches of the government.

The support, provided to clients of our company within the practice of interaction with the state, is always comprehensive and of high quality. The resolution of most issues arising between the state and business often takes more than one single action, but the company’s lawyers have all the necessary business tools for effective communication with government agencies at any level!