Corporate law / M&A

The team of lawyers of the international law firm Speaker has enough expertise in support of deals on the territory of Ukraine and other countries in the field of Corporate law / M&A.

The main areas, in which our lawyers accompany local and foreign companies in making deals, include the automotive industry, metallurgy, fuel, energy and agricultural industries, real estate, construction, trade, and finances.

Comprehensive support for current business processes, including corporate management, major corporate deals, resolving tasks associated with the start of commercial activities or their optimisation – the range of services that we provide for our clients.

The cooperation between lawyers and managers, owners of companies allows the latter not to fear for facing penalties or low efficiency of their business.

For example, creation, development, merger or division of the business is almost always attributable to the acquisition or alienation of the business and its assets. This means that all strategic objectives of the new project should be thought out, and all the risks should be considered.

Our team of professionals skillfully addresses issues that arise at all stages of M&A deals. In particular, negotiations, preparation of project documentation for the merger or acquisition, agreement of deals with the Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine.

Experience, supported by the practice of the team of the international law firm Speaker, allows our clients to get the desired result at the stated time, with the optimised and agreed on on a budget, and without hidden risks in the future.