The legislative rules of debt collections in Belarus: mandatory formalities and practical aspects.

Unlimited rule of all relationships is consisted in the fact that accepted obligations need perform in timely. Otherwise, aftermath in form exacting procedures inevitably come.

The legislative establishes two options of debt collection in Belarus:

1. Pre-trial setting. It is mandatory and it is implemented according to strictly established rules in the legislation, the adherence to which in most cases leads to the resolution of the dispute on the merits without going to court.
2. Court procedure. It is conditioned a number of demands in legislation, to implement of which is most often impossible without lawyers, because from preparing to claim depends result of the outcome of the case.

A step by step the ideal procedure debt collection in Belarus looks like at next form: choosing a correct order of exacting, obligatory pre-trial settlement, preparation of an application for order execution or a statement of claim, payment court fee, submission of documents in court for consideration and receipt of an enforcement document, compulsory execution.

Each of these step has its own procedures features, the presence or absence of which is connected and depends on whether the debt is recovered, whether the dispute is resolved between business entities, the activity (inactivity) of state bodies is contested or another incident is resolved.

A single-valued answer to the question of when to go to court, and when the problem is resolved by pre-trial settlement, can only be given by lawyers after studying all aspects of a particular situation. If you need a service “debt collection in Belarus“, contact the specialists of the ILF “Speaker”. Legal support is guaranteed!