Since 2011, the international law firm Speaker is a competitive player in the market of legal services.

During the existence of the company, in addition to the experience gained in various projects, it has generated a strong team of lawyers specialising in different branches of law and complementing each other to provide the comprehensive support of individual business processes and business activities of our Clients.

The main task of the team of Speaker is the support in developing the business of our Clients, effectiveness of strategies for the resolution of disputes, the reputation with which these goals will be achieved.

Our values when working with Clients will always be:

Client Focus

The interests of clients are paramount for us at the beginning of work on the project, with all the actions needed to resolve the problem situation are always discussed with our Client.

Honesty and Openness

All the processes that the team performs when we are working on the project are open for our Client, however, they are highly protected from infringement by third parties. We do not allow the possibility of concealment or deception of any kind of the information to maintain a high level of reputation.

Creative and Unconventional Approach

When working on a project we try to apply various strategies, including those that do not require large time frames and big budgets for their implementation.

Perspicacity and Prudence

Our team always tries to think several steps ahead in order not to encounter unexpected difficulties or to be ready to overcome them in the future.

Development and Improvement

Development, improvement We believe that our primary objective is the continuous development of team skills, as well as the quality of services provided.